The Membership

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

Our membership is the one-stop shop for information, support, and tools for you AND your teen. As teachers and parents ourselves we have thought of all the things we wish we’d known and have based our membership around this – saving you time and stress. As a member you have access to hundreds of videos, personal statement support, information about university, degree apprenticeships… pretty much everything we’ve created!

1-to-1 Support

We know that some children and families need extra support.  We do also offer 1 to 1 mentoring for those families who feel their child needs that little extra.  Sometimes an external voice can make all the difference. We can also look at personal statement drafts and help your teen come up with something powerful!

The Facebook Community

Our Facebook group allows you to ask any questions you might have about Post-16 and general teen parenting – we respond and what’s more, so do a lot of our members who have had the same struggles. A great source of factual and emotional support (oh and plenty of humour thrown in for good measure!)

The Parent Guide to GCSE

Got younger ones still doing GCSEs? We can help there too!

The Personal Statement CheatSheet

University applications are stressful, and writing a personal statement is one of the hardest parts. It’s what makes your child stand out from the crowd, and it can make or break their chances at getting into their dream university course.

The UCAS Toolkit

Everything they (and you) need to know in order to sail through the UCAS process and get them into the course of their dreams.

How to avoid the common mistakes Y12 students make…

We asked eighteen Y13 students what advice they’d give to their Y12 selves – there’s some PURE GOLD in here!