5 Star Challenge

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Let’s be honest. Studying just isn’t as much fun as … well, as anything.

It takes motivation to stick to the plan and get stuff done, but teenagers and motivation? They go together like giraffes and skiing…

You’ve tried nagging. That just winds you both up.

They just don’t have a convincing enough reason to go through all the pain.

(Maybe they’ve got an idea of what they want to do after they leave school, but it’s not compelling enough to drag them away from the Xbox.)

I know how frustrating this is, because I’ve been there too, with my own teenagers.

Your child’s motivation is going to have to last from year 10 all the way through to year 13 (or whatever’s left…).

Do they have a strong enough ‘why’?

Imagine never having to nag them about their school work again.

With a clear vision of their potential future to look forward to, they’ll have something to fight for!

The best bit? You can help them build that shiny, amazing future in their mind.

They’ll have given actual thought to finding a job that they love.

They won’t just settle for whatever opportunity they come across first, and then wake up in 10 years in a job that makes them miserable, unable to change careers because they have bills to pay now. (Sound familiar to anyone…? 😬)

Introducing the …

Over 5 days, you’ll talk with your child about their skills, what they LOVE doing, and help them figure out what lights them up (and how they can get someone to pay them to do that forever!)

They’ll end up with a set of 5 goals that they’ve chosen for themselves, that are awesome enough that it should make a huge difference to their motivation.

You’ll also (and I think this might be my favourite bit) be building up a habit of positive conversations with your child about school – no eye rolling, no grunts or shrugs, actual chats.

I know that might sound too good to be true, but it’s something our members tell us again and again. Our system lets you be the messenger / coach, not the know-it-all nag (not a name I’d pick for myself, but if you had asked my teenagers… 😬😳)

Here’s exactly how it works:

1. You’ll get a 5 minute video each day. We’ll email it, or you can watch it in the private Facebook Group, whatever suits you best. There’ll be a challenge task to do in the video, along with a worksheet for notes.

2. It’s all stuff you can do by having a chat at the dinner table, so no need to make any extra time. (Except day 1 – they’ll be going virtual future house-shopping!)

3. You’ll be able to share your wins with the community in the Facebook group, and be inspired by their stories.

4. By the end of the 5 days, your child will have set 5 goals for their future, both short- and long-term.

5. You’ll have opened the doors to these kind of positive conversations with your child for the rest of the year!

The whole process has strengthened my relationship with him as he knows what I am saying comes from actual research and he knows that I am here to help and support him.

Katie from Norwich – Member of Parent Guide to GCSE

I am really enjoying reading the weekly emails. I find they give me the confidence to have surprisingly open conversations with my year 11 son without coming across as a nagging mum. We are finding a way forward that is suiting him and building up routines and trust.

Helen from Nottingham – Member of Parent Guide to GCSE

You CAN make a difference to your child’s motivation…

even if they don’t seem to have any to begin with.

even if they’ve currently got no clue what they want to do next.

even if it seems impossible right now.

And it’s only £5.

That’s just £1 a day to help your child change their whole future.

The challenge kicks off on the 17th of August, so you’ll also have results day in the middle of it to help focus their minds. 😉

Here’s why this is so important to me.

I’ve seen the difference that parents can make to their child.

I’ve seen how much happier life can be when you can cut out 90% of the nagging.

I want that for you.

So, for just £5, you’ll be helping your child set some awesome goals, build their motivation, have something to work for, AND you’ll get to be building a more positive talking-about-school relationship with them. (A.K.A. No more nagging!)

I’ll be honest, the £5 isn’t for my benefit. It’s for yours.

I want you to commit. Free things tend to get ignored or forgotten, and I KNOW the difference this will make for you, so get some skin in the game, and…

Knowledge beats nagging.
Every time.

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